You are what you eat

Every day that passes, we are more aware of how important it is that our animals enjoy the best food possible, as their health is closely related with the feed and products they consume. Therefore, in order to have complete control, we decided to produce our own feed at La Finca, based on the best corn, barley, rye, oats, wheat and soya. In this way, our animals have a healthy and balanced product, which provides them with the nutrients they need to improve their quality of life, and gives their meat some exceptional characteristics. Each day, to boost their digestive health and wellbeing, we mix the grain with the straw and distribute the food throughout La Finca. This procedure works out more expensive than traditional methods, but it is the only way to maintain our commitment to the animals and the quality of our products.

In the Quality Control Room at La Finca our experts thoroughly and regularly analyse all the components destined for the animals’ food.