The importance of feeling well

As much in the time they graze in freedom as that which they spend in the shelter units, our animals are in a unique place and environment, which has been considered down to the last detail, with the aim that they enjoy superior wellbeing.
The shelter units have been constructed with the local climate in mind. Through a state of the art “sandwich” roof, it is possible to get natural ventilation, avoiding the extreme temperatures of both summer and winter.
Each unit shelters only a small group of animals, allowing them to have a large space free from stress, the summer heat and competition for food. The trough system has been devised so that the animals may be able to feed at the same time, creating enormous running troughs which also make the structure lighter.

All the pens are sprinkled with new straw daily, achieving better absorption and greater comfort. Like us, the animals like the first touch of clean sheets.