Taking care of our animals, we take care of you

If there is one thing that we are sure of it is that by looking after the health of our animals we look after the health of our customers. For this reason, we have adopted pioneering health measures in our sector:

Enclosed perimeter: With the objective of maintaining a healthy environment we have enclosed all the perimeter of La Finca with high protection fences, preventing access to other animals that could transmit diseases.

Prevention of diseases: We have been the first to devise and construct a system formed of four satellite units, being able to isolate and treat each animal separately at the first symptoms of illness. In this way we avoid contagion and have meat of uniform quality.

Preservation of habitat: All the design and function of La Finca has been conceived to treat the animals avoiding cross contamination. A network of external roads allows our staff to feed, vaccinate or inspect the animals without needing to access their habitat.

The System of Satellite units allows for their cleaning and disinfection between groups of animals. Let’s say, it’s like arriving at a hotel and finding the room freshly cleaned.