The reason for the transformation

Never take the beaten track, because it leads towards where others have already been.Graham Bell.

It was many years ago that we took on a commitment to the environment, the animals, the people we work with and our customers, with the sole objective of offering a product of the highest possible quality while we respect that which is important to us.

Starting from this commitment, we decided to create a cattle farm that was unique in the world, no matter what it took to achieve this. This was our dream, something that can only spring from the love of the work and the animals with which we share our life.

La Finca had to be created from innovation, something that we would achieve uniting work and daily sacrifice to the desire of transforming all that was established.

Reflecting, questioning the rules, breaking with protocols, looking for new and better ways of doing things and, above all, knowing very well where we wanted to to end up. That’s how it all began.